Alabama Information

Alabama Information

Alabama is the perfect place for urbanites to rediscover their love-relationship with Mother Nature. The state is bursting abound with majestic mountains, serene lakes, and lush countryscapes and seascapes.

 The diversity of the state’s topography makes one’s commune with nature a brand-new experience each and every time. From mountains and plains, rivers and lakes, as well as plenty of parks and national forests, Alabama, also known as the Heart of Dixie, is just bursting with the opportunity of making countless memories.

Alabama Real Estate

If you are considering the option of relocating to Alabama, one of the first things you’ll discover is how nature conservancy is considered a primal priority in real estate development. In fact, the Alabama Nature Conservancy boasts that the state is one of the most ecologically diverse states in the United States, rivaling California and Florida. The state’s plant and animal life is truly expansive.  Alabama is a great place for kids to grow up learning about a rich collection of plants and animals. Its over 50,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness areas works wonderfully as well for stressed urban-dwellers to get their fill of clean and healthy air. From the rocky foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to the white-as-snow beaches and clean air breezes of the Gulf Coast, it is truly abound with prime real estate property because of this, having something for everybody. One can laze around by quiet lakes and rivers, and more adventurous individuals can engage in more strenuous activities such as kayaking, rock climbing and deep sea fishing. Buy Alabama real estate.

Alabama Real Estate Information

Alabama provides for a wonderful climate the whole year round. It is warm and sunny for a good part of the year. Spring arrives early in this state, enhancing the lushness of the foliage with the weather warming up to the 60s Fahrenheit during this season. Summer days average in the low 80s up to 90s, and winter season rarely brings prolonged cold spells. Snow is infrequent except in the higher altitudes of the state.

With so much of nature’s benefits to offer, more and more people are considering the move to Alabama. According to the latest census reports, Alabama has about 4.5 million inhabitants, and the population growth rate is still growing at a steady rate. But, there is a lot of Alabama real estate to share with everyone. With 67 counties and over 52, 423 square miles, Alabama can become home to anyone who wishes to get back to basics and begin living the simple life.

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